Energy production declines with aging of the cell
If the energy production of the cell declines below a certain threshhold the cell will die.

Can a cell that is already damaged be repaired ? Yes by ENADA Co-E1

ENADA  protects cells from damage by toxic agents.
ENADA promotes cell damage repair.
Altered or damaged cells can be repaired to gain full functionality.

Anti Aging occurs by the :-

Repair of damaged cells and tissues
Increase of energy production in a cell
Extend life-span of cells, tissues and organs
When isolated heart cells are incubated with Enada CO-E1 (NADH is outside the cell) , the ATP concentration inside the heart cells increases.

In other words, these heart cells do have more ATP- energy. Hence, they can function better and can liver longer with Enada Co-E1.

Heart cell Vitality

Heart cell Vitality 2

Heart cell Vitality 3


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