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With April being National Stress Awareness month we wanted to address the most stressful part of most working Americans day. Traffic. You don’t have to let traffic jams ruin your day. Driving is a daily necessity for many people and learning how to stay calm will greatly benefit not only your commute but your life. While you can’t control other driver’s actions, you can control your reactions. If you allow drivers to affect your emotions, you may carry the negativity with you throughout the day. Here are some tips on how to deal with the traffic stress. 


Allow yourself to focus on your breathing while driving. You can use your car time to turn off the rado and breathe in slowly through your nose on a count of five. At five, exhale through your mouth on a count of six. Try to exhale for a second or two longer than the inhale. The deep breathing will allow you to effectively de-stress.

Create Stories

A way to de-stress while driving is to try and understand or least create your own reasons why other’s are acting crazy. If someone cuts you off, don’t immediately assume that they did it to harm you. Imagine that they are rushing to meet their wife in labor, and try to believe that they feel bad for cutting you off. Imagine them apologizing and move on. While you will encounter rude drivers and congested roads, your attitude and imagination can go a long way in helping you to cope..

Don’t Listen to Aggregating Music

Many test show that music highly effects your mood. The music you choose to listen to will affect your stress levels. If you’re anxious about getting to work on time, then listening to loud and aggressive music will only add to your worries. Try listening to classical music, Disney, jazz or another type of calming music. It will put you more at ease and in a better mood.

Books on CD/Devise 

Audiobooks can also help to ease some of the irritations of driving. Audiobooks help take you to another place and really focus on whats going on in the story, rather than focusing on the driver that is bothering you or the traffic. You will be happy to have some more time in the car to get into the story.
Plan ahead

Get up earlier. Sounds easy but it is a hard thing to change, try to get into the habit of waking up early and having enough time to get ready to drive. Like we mentioned in this post. Working out is a big help when trying to de-stress. If you can, try joining a gym that is close to your office. If you can make a habit out of going to the gym before work you will beat all the traffic by leaving before the rush. Then you will be able to get your endorphin’s going with your workout and then head into the office in a good mood without any traffic worries at all. 

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April 7, 2014

Manic Monday

Hello Monday, if you’re like many people, you work in an office that isn’t your own. While an office environment can be highly productive, spending long hours there can be pretty stressful, and stress is something that can be very damaging for your health. Monday’s are known for being the most stressful day of the week, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s change your Manic Monday into happy Monday with some small changes. 

Prepare on Sunday

Make life a little easier, by taking time on the most relaxing day to prepare for the most stressful one. Take an hour before bed and prepare what you need. Decide what you are going to do for breakfast and lunch, making and packing them if necessary. Pick out what you are going to wear as well as make a to do list for when you get to work. Getting these small choice out of the way Sunday evening will put you in a calmer head space to prepare to deal with Mondays demands.

Take Your Break

It is easy to skip your break on Mondays but don’t do it. Your brain will be able to function and make decisions easier when you give it a break. Just think “short bursts” “short break.” If you can’t leave for very long just try stepping out of the office or house to take a quick walk around the building and get yourself a burst of fresh air. You’ll even be giving yourself some extra energy for the day, as short bursts of exercise can help make you feel more alert.

Listen to Music

Listening to music, even at a very low volume while you’re working, can greatly reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your body and help distract you from the pressure of work. Make sure you put on calming happy music, not anything heavy that could effect your mind towards the negative. If you can’t turn on some low music at your desk or use ear buds in the office, taking a few minutes to listen to music that you enjoy on your break can really help you feel better. It can also help you be more productive when you do get back to your post.

There also vitamins that can help you.You can choose healthful options that can reduce our body’s production of, the stress hormone. Since our bodies produce more cortisol the longer we go without eating, having a small meal every 3 to 4 hours can help regulate our body’s production of cortisol and can reduce the stress response.

Vitamin C

Research indicates that our bodies are better able to fight stress. Increasing our vitamin C intake also slows our body’s production of cortisol. Citrus fruits and berries are wonderful sources of vitamin C.

NADH Supplement

While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your total health. Products like this help by managing the symptoms of stress, lack of concentration, and low energy. Great for high-demand executives who need that extra edge! Perfect for boosting stamina and endurance, mental clarity and focus, help alleviate drowsiness, and increase energy.

Protein and Zinc

Protein and zinc both reduce the production of cortisol. High-quality sources such as lean meats, oysters, beans and legumes can drastically reduce our stress levels and further helps us by keeping our insulin levels balanced throughout the day.

Try these things and you will Mondays covered! Do you already try these? What works for you? Comment and follow! 

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April 3, 2014

Stress Awareness Month

In case you didn’t know, April is Stress Awareness Month. Every month there is something stressful, but April is the month to recognize it. April is the time to identify what is putting you under stress and how to handle it. 

During this annual thirty day period, health care professionals and health promotion experts across the country will join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.
Stress Awareness Month has invited leading health care organizations across the country to develop and disseminate helpful educational materials and other information about stress during the month of April. They are also encouraging stress experts and other health care leaders to conduct public forums, discussion groups,and other informative community events… more about that here!

Here are some awesome ways to deal with stressors: 

Health: The best way to achieve control of your life is by taking charge of your body. Whether it is through diet, exercise, or simply getting that checkup you’ve been putting off, let April be the month you put yourself back in control.

Breath: One stress-reducing technique that doctors agree on is the power of deep breathing. Not only is it a way to control anger, it is also a good way to bring more oxygen into our bodies, helping it to absorb nutrients better and excrete waste more fully. 

Write: Keep a Joy Journal. Every evening for the next week. month, or year, spend a few minutes reflecting on the day you just experienced and list five things about the day that delighted you, made you laugh, or that you were grateful for.

What happens to your body when you are under a great deal of stress for a long period of time is that there is a physiological reaction by the sympathetic nervous system….and if this goes on for long periods of time, it can cause you to suffer from serious physical problems.

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If small fixes don’t lighten your load. It may be time to seek some professional help. When a person feels that the stress is starting to interfere with job functioning, relationships or when the stressor is becoming such a preoccupation that it’s something you can’t shake.

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