Fortizel Hi C (Vitamin C from Camu Camu) SPECIAL


Fortizel Hi C (Vitamin C from Camu Camu) SPECIAL


“An exceptional vitamin C product that I can trust to work. It works every time when I feel a tingle in my throat  coming on. Thank You!” Testimonial from John Stanley of Australia about how much he loves Fortizel High C for immunity support.

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    Fortizel High C is a high potency, high absorption, vitamin C supplement with Camu Camu and Fortizel colostrum extract. This 60 day supply of Fortizel High C supports the immune system to help you stay healthy.

    Fortizel High C with Camu Camu vitamin C is used to help strengthen your immune system, support collagen production, protect your cells from free radicals, reduce chronic inflammation, and keep unhealthy symptoms away naturally.

    Fortizel High C features Camu Camu, which is a superfood high in vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Camu camu has impressive antioxidant capabilities- protecting your cells from unstable molecules called free radicals. When free radicals outnumber antioxidants in your body, it leads to a condition called oxidative stress, which has been linked to chronic health conditions.

    Camu Camu has many amazing benefits, including:

    Reduced weight. Animal studies indicate that camu camu may reduce body weight by increasing calories burnt and by positively altering gut bacteria.

    Helps to improve blood sugar levels. Research in 23 healthy people showed that camu camu may help minimize spikes in blood sugar after eating a high-carb meal.

    Antimicrobial properties. In a test-tube study, the peel and seeds of the camu camu berry reduced the growth of the potentially harmful bacteria Escherichia coli and Streptococcus mutans.

    Supports healthy blood pressure. Test-tube and human studies have indicated that camu camu may help support normal blood pressure by promoting the dilation of blood vessels.

    An innovation in vitamin C products, Fortizel High C has a faster and higher absorption rate to support your immune system and brain health. Stay healthy with vitamin C!

    Check out our testimonials page to read how the lives of others have been made better by Enada products!

    Supplement facts:

    Ingredients: Vitamin C, Colostrum Extract, Orgen C Ascorbic Acid, Bioflavonoid.

    Contains a 60 day supply per bottle

    This product does not contain caffeine, hormones, sugar, yeast, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

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