Enada V 5x (5mg) SPECIAL


Your favorite original Enada formula- now with a boost of Chlorophyll! Use it to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your energy naturally. Try it today!

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    ENADA 5x- now with chlorophyll! ENADA 5x is an enteric coated 5mg tablet plus chlorophyll of NADH (also known as Co-E1 NADH). Chlorophyll is nature’s original blood detoxing agent. It acts similarly to red blood cells in the body, boosting the supply of healthy, oxygen-rich blood. It also assists in detoxing the kidneys, lungs, bowels, and blood stream! Plus, you get all of the benefits of the original Enada formula.

    Improves Daily Energy Levels

    Boosts Your Immune System

    Assists in Cell Regeneration

    Increases Carbon Dioxide Exhalation

    Protects Cells From Damage By Toxins

    Helps to maintain Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels within a normal range .

    Inhibits The Formation of Free Radicals

    NADH is the bio-available, anti-oxidant form of Vitamin B-3. Known as the “biological rocket fuel,” NADH is essential to the production of ATP (cellular energy). NADH improves basic metabolism, helps DNA repair, boosts your immune system, and helps cell regeneration. It supplies energy to the brain, nerves, muscles, heart, and all other organs in order for them to function optimally.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of Enada 5X plus chlorophyll!

    “Since beginning to use Enada, I’ve barely missed time from work, while before beginning use I was missing on average 2-3 days per month due to the severity of my migraines. I currently use the 5mg Vitality Plus on a daily basis, and supplement with the 20mg if I’m experiencing a difficult period with migraines.”

    – Frank C. from Peckville, PA

    Check out our testimonials page to see how the lives of others have been made better by Enada!

    How to Use:

    Enada is most effective when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, at least an hour before eating. Take one whole Enada 5x tablet each morning on an empty stomach with water only. Optimal effectiveness is shown within four weeks of continuous usage. Results vary per person. Check our testimonials and reviews to see how Enada has impacted the health of others!

    Supplement Facts:

    Ingredients : NADH, D-Mannitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Alginate.

    Our product is not genetically modified, and doesn’t contain yeast, caffeine, alcohol, corn, gluten, dairy, soy, or animal products.

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