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We want to take some time to spot light some of our most popular products. Today lets talk about Performance! What is Performance? Co-E1 Performance is the fast-acting 10 mg NADH lozenge. The lozenge form allows for NADH to be absorbed straight to the blood system. Great for jet lag, athletic performance, students, and moms!



  • Provides Quick-Acting Energy Boosts
  • Restores Alertness and Clarity
  • Optimizes Cognitive Performance
  • Improves Brain Activity and Concentration
  • Counteracts Effects of Jetlag
  • Provides Muscle Protection
  • Improves Physical Endurance in Athletes
Co-E1 Performance Natural Energy

Performance may be taken as needed to help naturally boost performance for 3-5 hours when taken at least one hour before activities such as: traveling, time zone changes, studying, workouts, and hectic schedules.

NADH is biological “Rocket Fuel”. It is the biological form of hydrogen which reacts with the oxygen present in our cells to produce energy, enhance mood and emotional balance, and offset fatigue.


Are you a busy mom on your fourth cup of coffee and it’s only 9am? Trying to find the emotional and physical energy to get through your hectic schedule ahead? Performance is designed to improve mental, emotional and physical fitness. Unlike coffee and other energy drinks, NADH does not contain sugar or stimulants that may lead to addiction, a mid-day energy crash, or jitters. Performance works by enhancing energy levels, stimulates dopamine production, maintains homeostasis, and improves mental acuity. Performance helps busy parents tackle that to-do list with a sharper mind, optimal effectiveness, increased energy, and end the day with a good nights sleep!

NADH is also a mom’s favorite because of it’s anti-aging properties! Aging is loss of energy. When cellular energy declines below a certain threshold, cells in our bodies begin to slowly deteriorate and tissue begins to degenerate. Research reveals that a lack of cellular energy may accelerate the aging process. Conversely, if the cell is producing adequate energy, it can continue to perform all of its processes more efficiently and properly function.

Jet Lag

Don’t let jet lag ruin your vacation plans! Crossing time zones leave many disoriented and fatigue. If the stuffy flight didn’t leave you with a stuffy nose and sore throat, it may have caused a lack of motivation and unusual sleep patterns. Performance is a ‘MUST HAVE’ when traveling. NADH significantly reduces jet lag-induced disruptions of cognitive functioning. Because NADH increases cellular production of ATP and facilitates dopamine synthesis, it may counteract the effects of jet lag on brain performance, mood, and sleepiness while boosting the immune system. NADH maintains homeostasis and aids in returning you to your built-in circadian rhythms. Research reveals that individuals who received NADH after an overnight flight across time zones performed significantly better on 5 of 8 cognitive and psychomotor tests and experienced less sleepiness than those on the same who did not receive NADH. Take a look at the science behind this case by clicking here.

As you pack your carry-on for your next trip, stock up on Performance!


Are you a student battling to concentrate and losing focus? Do you have an essay due or a midterm to take and can’t find the energy to study? Performance serves to support brain function, improve concentration, and strengthen memory while boosting energy levels.

The major prerequisite for memory is cognition. The neurotransmitters responsible for cognition and thought process are adrenaline, nor adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. With an increase in the production of these neurotransmitters, cognitive performance will improve. Years of research have shown that dopamine and adrenaline production are naturally increased by NADH. Therefore, NADH can effectively enhance memory and brain function.

Upgrade your energy levels and perform your best on your next school assignment with Performance!
CoE1 Performance - Natural Energy

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February 13, 2014

The Skinny on NADH!


So what exactly is NADH and how does it work? It is a naturally‐occurring compound found in all living cells of plants, animals, and humans. It is essential for adequate energy, and supplementation can improve energy levels.  NADH has also been proven to act as an anti-aging nutrient, enhance memory, is the body’s top antioxidant, and can help with neurological deficits, mood instabilities and low energy.  In summary, NADH is a highly powerful form of vitamin B3 commonly referred to as niacin or niacinamide.

NADH is present in our daily food sources. Animal protein sources, like meat, poultry, and fish, contain the highest amount of NADH. Vegetables, fruits, and other vegetarian food have a much lower NADH content. Plants need less energy to survive and no energy for movement, so they have less NADH. Therefore Vegetarians receive little NADH from their diets and should supplement with NADH. Many other people also can benefit from taking NADH supplements, though, for a few key reasons. First, almost all of the NADH we take in from food is destroyed from heat preparation. Second, even if our diets consisted mostly of raw meat or fish (which isn’t advisable), we would only receive a minimum of NADH from these food sources. Most of the NADH in these foods would be degraded by the stomach’s own digestive gastric acids that break down food into its constituent parts for absorption.

Other health benefits:

It protects the liver from alcohol damage. NADH is actually the activator of the enzyme that degrades alcohol. This means that the more NADH you have in your liver, the faster alcohol is eliminated. NADH also prevents the alcohol‐induced inhibition of the sex hormone testosterone. Under the influence of alcohol, the production of the sex hormone testosterone is blocked. In other words, the more alcohol you consume, the lower your sex drive becomes. In the presence of NADH, this alcohol‐induced inhibition of testosterone production is diminished or absent.

 NADH lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

NADH enhances the immune system. NADH is directly involved in the cellular immune defense system. Special white blood cells, called macrophages, are responsible for direct elimination of foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses, and molds. They literally capture these foreign bodies and then degrade and eliminate them. Large amounts of NADH are required for this process. Hence, the more NADH your body has available, the more protection your immune system can provide.

NADH enhances a person’s memory. Memory is not a single function; rather, it’s composed of a system of multiple processes. Memory can be defined as the storage of information, signals, and stimuli received by our five senses and the retrieval of this stored information. Several studies have shown that dopamine and adrenaline production are naturally increased by NADH. Therefore, NADH can effectively enhance memory.

How does my energy depend on NADH? The billions of cells that form tissue and organs and ultimately the human body have an important assignment: to produce energy. NADH is part of every living cell. Inside each cell a process that creates ATP, which is what gives your body its energy. With more NADH it gives the cell the energy to create ATP which fuels your whole body

NADH also an “energyrich” compound. Energy is stored in the NADH molecule. When NADH reacts with the oxygen present in every cell, energy is produced in the form of ATP. NADH has triple the energy capacity of ATP. Furthermore, NADH creates additional energy when it reacts with oxygen and water forming nicotinamide (also known as vitamin B3) and ADP (adenosine diphosphate). This all means that NADH is a super energizer.

November 21, 2012

Holiday Madness

The Holidays are here! Thanksgiving and Christmas means time with friends and family, and sometimes that can be exhausting. Many travel over the holidays and the usual coffee or energy drink used to keep one awake often results in crashing midday or horrible headaches. Your friends at Co-E1 want you try the all natural solution to burn out, fatigue, exhaustion, and compromised immune system. NADH strengthens cells in the human body by creating more energy. It is also responsible for stimulating crucial neurotransmitter such as dopamine and serotonin, necessary to properly function.
Don’t let fatigue, moodiness, and lack of focus ruin your holidays. Treat your health to Co-E1 energy supplements. 

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So you have finally arrive at your grand destination! Carry-on in hand, ready for a exotic beverage garnished with a tiny umbrella, and plans to sink your toes in warm sand! Or perhaps you’re scheduled for a very important business meeting just hours after you step off your plane. Nevertheless, the LAST thing you want to do is spend your day trying to shake a horrible case of jet lag!

You know you have jet lag when you are plagued with headaches, irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, fatigue, and/or disorientation after traveling. This dreadful condition may last up to several days and can really put a damper on your travel plans. This results from changes to the body’s circadian rhythms when crossing time zones. Read more about the causes here!

Fortunately, Co-E1 Energy Products makes traveling without jet lag possible. These Natural Energy Supplements boosts the immune system while stimulating the neurotransmitters responsible for keeping the human brain functioning properly. Co-E1 energy supplements produces cellular energy that is necessary to prevent and treat fatigue and disorientation. Take a look for yourself!

The first thing you pack in your luggage should be a box of Co-E1 Performance 10mg. Get some today and use code July10 at checkout to take out 10%. Hurry offer ends JULY 31ST!