How Oral Stabilized NADH (10mg and 20mg quick acting lozenge) helps Athletes.

ENADA Lozenges is the quick acting, fast dissolving lozenge form of stabilized NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NADH is the chemical that jumpstarts the production of ATP (cellular energy) in muscles. Therefore the more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it can produce, function, and live longer.

Even highly conditioned athletes have a measurable NADH deficit. Research conducted by Enada and colleagues on competitive athletes indicate that NADH enhances work capacity.

On a study researchers measures reaction times, physical performance, and performance quality in 17 competitive cyclists and long-distance runners. After taking 5mg of NADH every morning for four weeks, most atheletes experiences significantly less scattering of reaction times- it dropped 10% in five athletes, 10 to 20 percent in eight athletes, and more than 20% in three athletes.

CO-E1 NADH 10mg Lozenges for Athletes

  • Energy Increase
  • Increase ATP levels
  • Biological Rocket Fuel
  • Energizes Mental & Physical
  • Increases ATP heart energy
  • Increases Intracellular Energy in Athletes

The Most Important Functions of CO-E1 NADH lozenges are:

  • Production of ATP (cellular) Energy.
  • Supply of Instant Energy for the Body and Brain.
  • Extending longevity of the Life Span of Cells; Tissues and Organs
  • Strong Anti-oxidant properties.
  • Protection of the Heart
  • Improved Libido
  • Boosts Immune System.

Why the 10mg Fast Action/Lozenge “CO-E1 NADH ” ???

  • It is the new quick acting fast dissolving lozenge form of stabilized NADH.
  • Complies with today’s modern fast living lifestyle.
  • The lozenge application is in use by the body and the brain within 10 minutes.
  • Enada lozenges have a faster absorption rate.
  • Is very applicable and easily administered for/by athletes.