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Co-E1 NADH Supplement

Energy supplements, and supplements of all kind, have been steadily growing in popularity for years. As given by their name, supplements are used to supply deficiencies in our bodies. Therefore energy supplements usually provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, or metabolites that are used in the body to produce energy. Depending on how natural the supplements are, they will have more or less “natural” ingredients. It’s very important to look at the label of any supplement you plan to take and check out what ingredients it really contains.

With ENADA, you don’t have to worry. NADH is 100% natural, as it exists in all living things, including the cells in your body. However as we age the production of NADH in our body lessens, which can lead to depletions of NADH. NADH is responsible for the creation of ATP in the mitochondria. In simple terms, this means that NADH is responsible for energy production in your body’s cells; if you have a depletion of NADH you may thus feel less energy, drained, and sluggish. ENADA is the all-natural way to restore energy, without a post-supplement crash and without any jittery, unnatural feelings that other energy supplements (most commonly caffeine) can cause. This is because NADH is a coenzyme, not a drug. It has no addictive qualities, like many energy supplements do, and no harmful effects on the body, but a number of positive effects.

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