The fabulous city of London will be hosting the XXX Olympic Summer Games this year! The 2012 Olympic Games consists of 35 sports and 26,513 participants from all around the world competing to take home the GOLD! The majority of these athletes will agree that cognitive function and athletic performance are both essential for a victorious WIN!

These athletes have the cognitive ability to scan their surroundings and devise a strategic game plan in split seconds. They not only depend on their physical strength and endurance, but concentration and focus are just as crucial.

One third of the energy produce in our body is consumed by our brains. A lack of concentration and mental focus is a sign on energy deficiency. Many athletes use NADH as an energy supplement to avoid such deficiencies.

NADH stimulates the production of adrenaline, dopamine,and serotonin and most importantly it triggers a mass production of ATP. All necessary for cognitive performance and memory.Enada’s leading product Mojo Enada 20 mg caters to the physical and mental demands of High Level Performing Athletes.

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