The ability to focus and stay on task is a hard one for many adults. From conversations with family and friends, to important tasks that will advance your career, it can seem almost impossible to stay concentrated. You don’t mean to zone out, but you do, changing your health routine in simple ways can help you to pay attention and become a better listener

Our Co-E1 NADH supplements significantly help your natural ability to focus and have energy for the day. Along with our supplements here are seven tips and tricks to staying focused.

Eat Smart

If you think your food has more to do with your figure than your brain, think again. What you eat directly affects your energy level and your ability to focus. Following a healthy diet can help improve many issues, including your inability to concentrate. It is best to start the day with protein,you will feel sluggish come mid-morning if you eat solely carbohydrates, and it’s hard to concentrate when you’re tired. Limit the amount of sweets and processed foods you eat throughout the day. They are metabolized quickly, causing your blood sugar to spike. Then it drops just as quickly, causing you to have brain fog and lost concentration.

Prioritize Your Tasks

It may seem so simple, but actively keeping a to-do list can make a huge difference. Having multiple tasks ahead of you can be overwhelming. Writing down each item in order of importance will help make tasks seem less daunting and help you to wrap your head around and physically see the next steps. Arrange tasks by highest to lowest importance and then tackle the list from top to bottom, rank them by difficulty and do the simplest ones first to get them out of the way. Find what works for you

Take Deep Breaths
It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this important step when they’re stressed out. Practicing meditation and taking deep breaths can help improve your ability to focus. When you are stressed, your blood doesn’t flow to the part of the brain where high-order decisions are made, when you’re relaxed, more blood flows to the brain and it functions better.

Find Your Space

An important strategy for staying focused is to work/live in a space where there are few, if any, distractions. Decorate your home in a way that promotes peace and calm. Ask your boss if you can move away from a TV or radio that’s always on. Working in a noisy environment can worsen lack of focus. Or if it is the opposite that bothers you, you can use a white noise machine to save you from total silence.

Get Some Exercise

Like meditation and deep breathing, exercise stimulates brain function. Add regular exercise to your daily routine to get your heart pumping and your brain in gear. Workout before work, or use your lunch hour for a quick exercise circuit. When you exercise, it helps dissipate energy, and when you return to work, you can function better, pay more attention, and focus on what you’re doing. Find what exercise is fun and effective for you.

Speak Up

If you’re in a meeting at work and find you just can’t concentrate any longer on what everyone is saying to you and to each other, you may need a moment to refresh. You may have to tell your coworkers or friends that you have a hard time staying focused. Explain that sometimes it’s difficult for you to concentrate for extended periods and that getting some fresh air will help. When you return, you can continue the conversation. Take the time to educate your coworkers about your problem so they will understand and appreciate your honesty.