NADH side effects, caution, risk

Our supplements are all natural, NADH is already produced by the body, so there are few side effects. That doesn’t mean that there are no side effects. The most common reports of NADH side effects come from the higher dosages. If you are taking the supplement for everyday use, to get a boost of energy but don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous you wont need more than the 5mg. The complaints we get from costumers come when they order the higher doses of NADH. 

The 20mg is designed for people with high stress levels or athletes. A person who doesn’t exert as much energy in the day and chooses to take the 20mg can sometimes have symptoms that include: insomnia, anxiety, or over-stimulation. 

George, a 42 year-old lawyer from Philadelphia says, “I like the 5 mg dose because of the alertness it provides. However, when I take 10 mg or more, it makes me too stimulated, almost with a panicky feeling.” 

Some who have been taking the 20mg NADH supplement daily for a week, and dose not exert enough energy, have said that it has caused insomnia. When sleeping problems occur this means a lower dosage is appropriate or the product needs to be taken less frequently.

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