Enada Provides the Only Stabilized Food Grade NADH Supplements Available

After 20 years, ENADA still carries the world’s first and only form of NADH that is FDA-approved food grade quality, stabilized and protected by world patents.

After 20 years, ENADA still carries the world’s first and only form of FDA-approved NADH that is food grade, stabilized and protected by world patents. Others continue to try to bypass these patents and introduce false NADH products. However un-stabilized NADH degrades rapidly under the influence of light, humidity, temperature, and other factors. When these other products are subjected to independent laboratory analysis, the majority of these products do not meet label claims of NADH content. This deceives consumers and leaves the impression that NADH is ineffective. If a NADH product is not stabilized, consumers are wasting their time and money. NADH was discovered in 1905 and Enada researchers  spent a lifetime overcoming the stabilization obstacles and released his research and formula exclusively with the Enada brand of NADH which has been used in most studies involving NADH over the past 20 years.

Benefits of stabilized NADH Include:
  •     Natural and non-stimulant energy provider (no jitteriness)
  •     Staying on task after sleep deprivation
  •     Helps with Travel fatigue and Jet Lag
  •     Improves Cognitive Performance
  •     Improves Stamina
  •     So much more!
After 20 years stabilized Enada has an overwhelming amount of feedback. These testimonials are listed on the website here:https://enadh.com/category/testimonials/ as well as a review section on each of the products on the retail website http://www.co-e1.com/shop . Enada also sponsors Olympic track star Shevon Stoddard. Ms Stoddard became a 2-time State Champion and went on to make her first Olympic team in 2004 as a junior in College and made her first World Champion team in 2005. She is preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games, which will be held in Rio, Brazil.
Since using Enada’s Co-E1 Mojo 20mg supplements her times in all events have improved, Stoddard continually surpasses her personal records. “I use co-e1 every day before, during and after training. I love it because it’s natural it has improved my reaction time and it gives me a clean boost before my workouts,” says Stoddard.” It helps my muscles recover and keeps my energy levels sustained throughout my workouts. It has other health benefits as well that I like.” Stoddard’s coach, former American Record holder 400H, Latanaya Sheffield says, “Shevon’s body used to hit a wall, but now with Co-E1, her body responds to the demands required of an Olympian in training and the much needed energy is available to enable her to go faster and stronger, for longer.”
About Enada Co-E1NADH
Co-E1 is proud to be a leading distributor of ENADA NADH Supplements and energy pills. The newly branded Co-E1 NADH dietary supplement can help individuals suffering from fatigue disorders, energy deficiencies, as well as other ailments. Athletes, mature individuals, or anybody needing a boost in energy or alertness may benefit from these NADH Supplements.
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