Hello! Time for another round of Fun Fact Friday! Today’s fact comes from our recent NADH study on the anti-aging benefits of taking NADH supplements. 
A common question we get is can NADH be considered an anti­-aging nutrient?

From our studies we can say: Yes, NADH has significant anti‐aging potential. As we age, the NADH and energy levels in our cells decrease. In other words, aging is loss of energy. When cellular energy declines below a certain threshold, cells in our bodies begin to slowly deteriorate and tissue begins to degenerate. This energy loss can also signal the beginning of more serious illnesses later in life.

There is growing evidence that a lack of cellular energy may accelerate the aging process, ultimately resulting in degenerative conditions. Conversely, if the cell is producing adequate energy, it can continue to perform all of its processes more efficiently. The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it will produce and the longer it will continue to properly function. NADH’s further anti‐aging potential is derived from the fact that NADH is one of the strongest, most powerful biological antioxidants and, therefore, helps protect cells from damaging agents and free radicals that can age the body.

The health implications are immense – if cells live longer, then organs live longer, hence NADH has a scientifically proven anti-aging effect! 

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