Are you finding it difficult to squeeze a little exercise time into your busy schedule? Worry no longer! We’ve put together some of our favorite and QUICK summer workout tips that literally take minutes and have a huge payoff!

  • Find a parking spot further away from the Market, Movie Theater, and Work. This allows you to clock in some extra walking time that will get your heart pumping and blood flowing.
  • Jumping Jacks! Not only will you have fun but will also help burn calories in your office or during commercials while watching t.v.
  • Always take your Co-E1 Energy Supplements to boost your energy performance, endurance, and increase oxygen capacity! 

Looking for a quick and healthy lunch? Chicken lettuce wraps are one our favorite healthy summer lunches. Get the recipe here

Fun Fact: Animal protein sources-meat, poultry, and fish-contain the highest amount of NADH. However, most of the time, almost all of the NADH we take in from food is destroyed during food preparation.
In most cases, almost all all of the NADH in these foods is degraded by the stomach’s own digestive gastric acids. Many people benefit from taking Co-E1 Natural Supplements for these reasons! 

Are you staying on top of your health?

Healthy Living includes routine checkups! Many people skip their annual checkups and assume that the fatigue, pain, or illness they are experiencing are just part of the aging process. Stay educated about your health needs and don’t forget your Natural Energy Supplements, Co-E1. Co-E1 provides the health maintenance and immunity booster your body requires! Here are some important Dr. Visits to keep in mind!

Make sure your performing at your best this summer and stock up Co-E1 Natural Energy Products today!