“Let me tell you how I came to learn about Co-E1 and the wonderful product that it is….  It was some years back and I had never heard of Co-E1 before.  One day I was talking by phone with Alice, the mother of my good high school friend.  I had kept in touch with Alice and her husband Walter as they were quite exceptional folks.  After they retired from Evanston Illinois, they decided to take up sheep farming in Minnesota — even though they were both in their 70’s.  Undaunted by the hard work involved in raising and tending a herd of two hundred head of sheep, the most challenging time for them proved to be mid-winter when their sheep would give birth to the tender young baby lambs. 
Because of the bitter Minnesota winter freezes, Alice and Walter took turns with all night watches to ensure that the baby sheep did not die during their most fragile first few days of life.  During one such week of long night vigils tending the little sleep, Alice and I spoke over the phone and I asked her: “Alice, how can you manage to do this hard work, at your age?”  Without hesitation, she answered:  “It’s very simple. It’s our Co-E1!  Walter and I take it every day — if I don’t give it to him first thing in the morning, he just can’t keep up with me!”   After that, I searched out this remarkable Co-E1 and began having my own impressive results.
In fact, about five years later, I was involved in building a sizeable deck with two much younger men.  Somewhat belatedly, we realized we had overlooked an important structural support — and would have to lift up the entire new plywood surface which weighed over 1,200 pounds. It took a bit of convincing to persuade them that the three of us could lift up this quite heavy deck surface. 
Meanwhile, I searched in my pocket, dug out a Co-E1 and quickly dissolved it under my tongue.  I waited about ten minutes to give my body a chance to get ready.  Then I said “Okay.  Let’s lift this thing up! ” And with the count of one, two, three —  to their amazement, l was able to lift up my half of the deck and we were able to get a critical adjustment done.  I know I could not have lifted such a heavy weight without the Co-E1.”

-Robert Velasquez from Minnesota