As more individuals turn to clean eating and healthy living, many are taking vitamin supplements to increase their overall well-being. It’s not uncommon for athletes to take supplements that increase their performance levels, enhance oxygen capacity, and speed up muscle repair. With so many vitamin and supplement products on the market, it’s difficult to choose one that meets all your body demands and actually works.

Co-E1 has a team dedicated to not only providing a supplement that has miraculous benefits for all individuals but also providing the education and research behind the product. Co-E1 distributes a vitamin supplement in a tablet form known as Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH). NADH has profound benefits that range from improving memory, increasing attention, boosting energy levels, to enhancing immune name a few! 

The way it works is simple. NADH triggers the production of neurotransmitters our body relies on to function. Such neurotransmitters are dopamine and serotonin. NADH also produces ATP, energy in vast amounts. Read more about the science behind NADH and how it works! 

Co-E1 is the official distributor of NADH. It is manufactured by Enada and sold to millions of consumers around the world. China and Europe are among some of the countries who sell millions of dollars of this product annually. Europe sells NADH under the brand Quickspark by Herbalife. Guess which amazing athlete endorses it? David Beckham! That’s right the infamous soccer player values a good product that is essential for energy production and health maintenance. 

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