We would like to take some time to share a testimonial that one of our clients wrote into us. C. MacDonald has been taking Co-E1 NADH 5mg for about a year and half. She is a 52 year old female that was diagnosed with leukemia in 1989, she had a bone marrow transplant and was declared cancer free. The chemo left her with hair devastating hair loss. She also suffered debilitating foot psoriasis on the soles of her feet. She originally ordered Co-E1 NADH 5mg to see if it would help her lack of energy and brain fog. She said …

“The loss of hair (3X) due to chemo was devastating. When my hair did grow back, I ended up with a very, very thin front hair line  and it still kept a regular cycle of falling out in handfuls.  I lived with it like that for 23 years, when I started taking this product (for energy) I was amazed that within a week, it stopped the constant scalp tingling (a sure sign my hair was going to fall/thin out again) and  amazed how my hairline started filling in again a few weeks later after the tingling stopped. My hair started to look like it used to before the chemo. So much so,  when I last saw my doctor he  was very surprised  at my full head of hair , he said “ are you wearing a wig?” 

The CO-E1 helped her psoriasis so much that she could actually feel comfortable and confident wearing sandals this past summer. She was so pleased with her results she thought that maybe her psoriasis had cleared up and went away. She says…

Early this Spring my feet broke out again – real bad  AND  my scalp was doing the tingle/fall out  cycle thing again. I immediately got some more C0-E1 5mg NADH. And AGAIN with in 3 days my feet are clearing up and within a week my scalp no longer tingles, my hair quit falling out and is coming back in.  I won’t stop taking C0-E1 5mg NADH for 6 months at a time again – that is for sure!”
We were so pleased to hear about her results and her heart felt comments about the products. We are so happy to see that our products are changing lives. She wanted to be clear that she was writing her testimony from the heart.
“I write this testimony so that others see what Co-E1 NADH (5mg) did for my problems and ”maybe” it can work the same miracles for them as it did for me ! With my utmost amazement and sincerity.”